16 June 2010

Pontevedra ITU Premium European Cup

Down to the nitty gritty: I ate a huge slice of humble pie. All of those guys are fast at every discipline. Going into the event, I had posted some decent swim times this season for 1500m, so I was confident about my abilities in the water. Kiss of death. The water in Pontevedra was cold. Maybe 59 or 60 degrees. I didn't warm up, because I was already a little warm inside my wetsuit, so I figured if I warmed up I would slightly overheat. Mistake. The swim was two 750m loops, and I had the worse starting position on the pontoon because of my ranking, or lack thereof. The gun blows and I am immediately swallowed up by great swimmers. My first 750m were humbling, but I was able to make up some time on the second 750m loop and NOT be the last one out of the water. Onto the bike. The bike course was technical and challenging with a couple climbs, descents, 180 degree u-turns, and fun European roundabouts. There were initially four of us working together to catch the main pack. Aboard Roxanne (my Litespeed C1), I was able to hammer the first two of six loops and catch some dudes that fell off the main group. The guys in my group were able to drop a couple athletes as well, but it wasn't good enough to catch the main pack. The bike contained moments of 190 beats per minute heart rates, mixed in with moments where you can re-catch your breath. The cycling is very dynamic as opposed to a steady state sustained effort, like non-draft triathlon. Bursts of max power mixed in with aerobic riding; just enough to thoroughly thrash your legs for the run ;)

Onto the run, I hammered my first of four loops, hoping to finish strong. Before the race, ITU officials told us that if we were lapped, your race in done. Well, Javier Gomez flew by me as I finished my first loop as he was finishing his second loop. He ended up lapping a bunch of dudes on the run. Anywho, I thought since he lapped me, my race was over. So I stopped. I asked race officials what to do, and after 30-45 seconds, an official said that I could continue the run, as the lap rule only applies to the bike course. Sweet. "Oh no." Time to haul ass. I ended up running 35 minutes flat for 10k, which probably would have been 34 flat or faster had I not stopped...not that it would have made a difference. However, that run was encouraging for me. The sport of ITU draft-legal triathlon is a completely different sport than non-draft time trial style triathlon racing. The swim will kill you. The cycling is a bike race, not a time trial. The run is an all out suffer fest.

I ended up finishing 45th of 60 athletes. It's tough to dissect this result, as there are many factors to take into consideration; travel, new kind of racing (for me), etc. I had a wonderful race experience and travel adventure. My next race will be the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon on July 11th. I am more than excited to race this spectacular event in my home town, and on behalf of my amazing sponsors and support system.

Until next time,


Blake Becker said...

Good race...from what i know it takes a while to get good with the ITU stuff...experience trumps all..

Kert said...

Zach, you rock!

i can't believe the other guys were that good at swimming. who would have thought?

did you know any of the other competitors?

sallyaston said...

I linked to your Blog from a thread on SlowTwitch. Glad everything is going well for you. I was reading posts on Microfracture as I think I ma heading that way myself. I'm due for a 2nd opinion but I have a chondral fracture (grade 4) with a loose piece of it stuck behind my knee. No doubt that I have to have the loose body removed but have a feeling that Microfracture is needed too. If you have a moment to drop me a line and give me any useful info, I'd sure appreciate it! In particular, I am worried about recovery as I am a mom and special Ed teacher. sallyaston@msn.com