20 April 2010


I couldn't be happier to announce I am a new addition to the Quintana Roo and Litespeed family. Headquartered just down the road from my parent's house, American Bicycle Group is a cornerstone in the triathlon, cycling, and local community. And as a local boy, I couldn't be more proud to represent a local product.

Pictured above is Lolita. Quintana Roo chooses to call it the CD0.1...I prefer something a little more "exotic." The CD0.1 offers nothing less than industry leading aerodynamics and ride response. I've already logged many hours on her, including a few 1300+ watt sprint efforts, and I was simply blown away by the ride quality and speed. She is spec'd out with the following:

Frame: Quintana Roo CD0.1 High Modulus, size ML
Drive train: SRAM Red
Hidden brake calipers: TRP
Aerobars: Uberhund Blitz (thank you Bert!)
Saddle: ISM Adamo Racing (thank you Dave!)
Wheelset: training - Powertap 2.4SL Wireless; racing - Zipp Sub 9 and 404
Pedals: Speedplay X1

My road bike, which is on its way to East Ridge Bicycles, will be the Litespeed C1. East Ridge Bikes has been paramount in my development as an athlete and amateur bicycle mechanic. You guys are awesome. I will post pictures and ride reports as soon as she is built. In the meanwhile, Roxanne is a name that has been thrown around for the C1. I think I like the name duo of Lolita and Roxanne. Thoughts?

Next, I will be racing at the St Anthony's Triathlon in St Petersburg, FL on Sunday, April 25. I'm looking forwarding to opening up the throttle with Lolita.