20 July 2009

Chattanooga Waterfront

Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon
12 July 2009
1.5k/ 42k/ 10k

Local boy. Local race. I won’t lie, I felt some heat.

I drive over the swim course every day. Most of the bike course was on a route I took daily since high school, and I frequently train on the run course. Race morning, a teammate of mine and I woke up and went through our respective routines before we left my apartment for an early 7:30am race start. This was my first time racing this event as a pro, so I felt the need to give the local crowd something to cheer about; so I exited the water first, with the overall fastest swim time. Good start.

My family was in attendance, and more friends and faces than I can possibly count and remember all cheered me on as I looked like a wet poodle running up the cement stairs away from the Tennessee River. I was honored, exited and fortunate. Thank you all so much. Onto the bike I set a pretty good pace for me, and I perhaps biked a little too hard. The route was 42k as opposed to the typical 40k, so I was happy with my bike split considering the terrain. Another athlete passed me on the course, and I rode into T2 about a minute down from him. I started the run in second place and was looking forward to a strong run.

I think I depleted too much of my bank account on the swim and bike, because the first 5k of the run wasn’t exactly “good.” Let’s just say continental drift has occurred at a quicker rate than my third mile. However, to my surprise I was able to rebound ever so slightly for the last two miles and finish in fourth place...winning my first professional paycheck! I was beaten by two good friends and stud triathletes Jason Schott (3rd) and Eric Bell (2nd).

Next stop was the Mayaguez ITU Pan American Cup. (I used "was" because I wrote this race report after I completed the Mayaguez race. Race report to come shortly)