23 February 2009

Lazlo Hollyfeld

One of the cinematic jewels of our time, 1985's "Real Genius" was on television last night, as I stretched on the floor to recover from the week of training I had just completed.

Why such an obscure title to a blog post, and what does this have to do with endurance sports? Contemplation and self-realization. "I drank what?" is a line presented by Val Kilmer's character, Chris Knight, during a moment in the film when he is more or less reviewing his collegiate experience following a conversation with a corrupt professor. I encourage everyone to see this film immediately.

Chris Knight's pensive looks atop his dorm's roof caused me to be pensive as I writhed on the floor atop my foam roller to help stretch out my IT bands. My coaches are in the process of getting me ready for this upcoming season, and yesterday's reflection brought me to an utterly happy place as to my current level of fitness at the end of February. Two weekends ago, I traveled to Orlando, FL to train for a few days with my coach Marc before racing in Florida's Great Escape, a 1.5k swim, 18mile bike, and a 5mile run. Starting in the second wave, I was too proud (read: too dumb) to wear a wetsuit, but I still managed to swim within 50 seconds of the wetsuit-clad ITU guys who took off in the wave prior to mine. I'll take it. Onto the bike, I gave it what I had. My time in the saddle recently hasn't been exactly epic, as I have been limited to drills on the trainer, and small chain ring riding, so I wasn't unhappy with my bike split. Onto the run, I was able to put one foot in front of the other quick enough to win the overall amateur title. It's time to toss my hat in the ring with the big boys and earn my Elite license.

I am more than excited to be racing for East Ridge Bicycles in Chattanooga, TN this year. I have known these guys for quite some time, and through them I will be racing on Kestrel Bicycles. I am ecstatic to continue my relationship with Zoot, Powerbar, PEDRO's and Smith Optics. These companies are much more than business entities; they are friends of mine. So, thank you, and let's get ready to rock and roll this year.