04 September 2008

The Final Countdown

...not only is a tremendous falsetto representation of the finest music 1986 had to offer, but it represents the goings on in the life of yours truly.

My blog posts have been much less frequent than I would have hoped, and I won't make an excuse for the lack in writing which I am sure you all find riveting. That being said, all is quiet on the Orlando front. We have remained relatively unscathed by tropical storms, aside from road closures due to flash flooding. And as fate would dictate, the weather has forced me indoors. I do view this as a blessing. I have been logging some quality running on a treadmill, which isn't as mind-numbing as one would believe. I almost prefer the "hamster wheel" now, as I can have unrestricted access to my nutrition, fans blowing cool air, and passers-by in the gym wondering why there is a crazy man wearing tiny shorts and a John McEnroe headband sweating all over the place like he was in a Turkish bath.

Additionally, I have been cycling on my indoor trainer for a couple weeks now. For those of you unfamiliar with an indoor trainer, it is a contraption that attaches to the rear wheel of your bicycle with a resistance unit applying pressure to the rear tire to simulate the road. Here is what it looks like: Computrainer. Cycling on a trainer forces one to pay attention to cycling technique, as you can actually hear if there are discrepancies between the motion of each leg and force applied; I am always striving for the "even hum" sound. Similar to the treadmill, you can also have your water bottles etc, on a table next to you, allowing for more convenience while you hammer the will out of your legs. I also prefer to watch a movie on my trainer; nothing gets my blood pumping like watching the Von Trapp family stick it to the Nazis! Ok, not really. I do like to watch action/drama movies with some sort of lively soundtrack.

Now, back to the title of my blog. I have our USA Triathlon National Championships on Sept 20, for which I am aiming my cross hairs. Countdown one. The second countdown refers to my duration in Orlando. Following the month of September, I plan on meeting a few prerequisites then applying to a Pathologists Assistant program. For those of you who had no idea, I have been working as a tech in a pathology lab in Orlando.

So that pretty much sums it all up. Until next time, keep your tires rubber side down, and stay away from tropical storms.